The Black Faces of Classical Music

I’ll be writing and sharing a series of articles discussing the presence of black composers and artists in the western classical music world. I’ll be drawing attention to black artists of today and discussing the influence of classical music on black people and vice versa. There will also be contributions  featured from students, teachers and eminent artists sharing their experiences as people of Afro-Caribbean heritage being successful in the industry.

The further I delved into classical music and immersed myself in it, the more I realised that there weren’t many artists who look like myself i.e. of African/Caribbean descent. So I decided to explore…

I’m sure many  people have heard of Scott Joplin but how about other black composer/performers such as Joseph Bologne (Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges),  Joseph Antonio Emidy and Samuel Coleridge-Taylor?


The Black Faces of Classical Music Explained

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Check out some amazing young artists below:

Introducing: Caroline Modiba
Introducing: Shannon Latoya Simon
Introducing: Lufuno Ndou

Here is Julian Joseph’s interpretation of Coleridge-Taylor’s “Deep River” No.10 from 24 Negro Melodies Op.59.


One thought on “The Black Faces of Classical Music

  1. Hi Mae,
    I absolutely loved reading your post and listening to Julian Joseph. A good friend of mine introduced me to classical music years ago but I wasn’t interested in it until I did GCSE music in 2009. Classical music is a variety of things including calm and relaxing, it can be dramatic. You get to feel the mood of the composer(s). I am black person who knows very little about classical music and the black faces of classical music, I will definitely look forward to reading future posts.

    Blessings ❤


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